Wolfe's Pond Pooches

WPPooches.com was the initial website of the dog owner's group known as Wolfe's Pond Pooches. The group has grown and evolved. It is now known as the Wolfe's Pond Pooches Inc.Org with the status of a 501(c)3 non profit organization. They work in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Their new site is at: www.wolfespondpoochesinc.org/ where you can find the most up-to-date information about what's happening at the Wolfe's Pond Park dog run, as well as all other dog runs in the five boroughs.

When I lived on Staten Island, I took my two dogs to the Wolfe's Pond Park to play in its dog run. I was free lancing at the time designing /creating websites. I worked with a friend who was considering opening a pet products business and every time we'd meet in the dog run he'd show me samples or ask my impression of an idea for the store. Another regular at the run complained that her dog was not sleeping the whole night and they would find him sleeping on the rug instead of his bed. This struck my friend as a brilliant plan - build a store that sells dog beds. Our convos lead him to believe that plain dog beds were too common, and that he needed an angle and a high end product. We all researched for him and I found this great store that sold only high end round luxury dog beds covered in washable, designer fabrics. When he saw the site - GoodNightDog.com - he was convinced. This is what he wanted to sell. Rather than sourcing & distributing an existing product, he was intent on finding a Chinese manufacturer to mass produce exclusively for him. This was right about the time that Trump put tariffs on Chinese goods. I moved away a year ago and the last time I spoke with him he had decided that dog beds were too competitive and he settled on dog themed clothing. It's a dog's life trying to find a profitable dog niche.

Well, I recently discovered that WPPooches.com site's domain was available. I decided to buy it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original WPPooches.com website. Although you can go to their new website, I thought it would be fun to take a nostalgic stroll through the old site. Please be indulgent with this truncated version of WPPooches.com which I hope, at least, expresses the essence of the original site and offers some general information.

Wolfe's Pond Pooches is a dog owner's group devoted to the maintenance and renovation of Wolfe's Pond Park dog run as well as all other dog runs in the five boroughs. We are a group of responsible dog owners who strive to make dog runs a vital part of the Staten Island Community.

As our group of volunteers became larger we decided to incorporate and become a 501(c)3 non profit organization that works in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks. We incorporated in October of 2008 and finally received our 501(c)3 status in July of 2011.

Our new website is www.wolfespondpoochesinc.org. However, we still offer some general information about Wolfe's Pond Pooches here at wppooches.com for you and your dog.

Wolfe's Pond Park is one of Staten Island's largest parks. Consequently offers many different experiences to our visitors. To some folks it is a beautiful beach while for others it is a gorgeous wildlife and plant preserve to enjoy all year long. For many others, it is a recreation area with lots of space to run, jump, climb, and play to one’s heart’s content. And for others, it is the place where they bring their dog(s) to run and play in the dog run, which is maintained and improved by the volunteers known as the Wolfe's Pond Pooches.

Wolfe's Pond Pooches Goal

The goal of the Wolfe's Pond Pooches is to provide a clean safe place for our canine companions and their owners where both humans and fuzzies can socialize with one another in an off leash area. The dog run is divided into two sections. One area is for all dogs while the other section is for smaller dogs and puppies only that weigh under 25 pounds. By providing an amble enclosed space for dogs of all sizes, the dog run provides exercise and socialization for dogs without disturbing people, wildlife, and the rest of the property that comprises Wolfe's Pond Park. In addition to the dog run, this Staten Island public park includes a special walking trail for dogs and hosts loads of dog-related events including agility trials.

The Basic Rules and Regulations of the Wolfe's Pond Park Dog Run

  • No dogs are allowed to be unattended
  • No dog toys are allowed at anytime
  • No aggressive dogs. Be aware that unneutered males tend to be more aggressive or may provoke aggression.
  • Clean up after your dog. You will find provide poop bags along on the small dog run fence.
  • Watch your dog at all times. Please discourage your dog from barking and digging. If by chance your dog digs a hole, it is your responsibilty to fill it in.
  • No dogs in heat are permitted at the run at anytime. They will cause all sorts of disturbances.
  • All dogs must be collared as well as licensed and immunized. New York State law requires that dogs be vaccinated against rabies. The New York City Health Code requires every dog owner/attendant carry with them proof of current dog license and rabies vaccination while in public. Dog owners may be fined for violation of these laws
  • No children under 10 years of age are allowed in the dog run at anytime. This is an important safety issue, which must be observed.
  • No spiked, pronged, or pinch collars on your pet
  • While within the dog run areas, no glass containers or food is allowed.

On our new site you sign up for free to become a member on our Membership page, find contacts or links on the Contacts and Links page, or post a blog on our Blog page. We accept contributions, which are always welcome, on our Donation page.

Check out our new feature, called the K-9 Korner.  It highlights puppies and dogs that are new to the Wolfe's Pond Park run.

You can reach us at www.wolfespondpoochesinc.org.